A little about your researcher....

My name is Pat Smith and, having a longstanding interest and fascination in general history, it was only a matter of time before the ancestry 'bug' took hold... but what inspired me to take up ancestry research?

The initial interest was sparked by a distant relative contacting me in 1999 for input or possible additions to their own personal search. This enquiry lured me into the world of geneaolgy and I started researching my own family history which led to delving into South African, English, Scottish and Welsh records plunging me into a world of 'the unknown'. An "out of the blue" enquiry became the turning point in how I spend my days and what a marvellous, surprising and challenging journey it has been.

How I can help you....

I like to think out of the box and apply an analytical mind to your search. I embrace a good challenge and enjoy my clients' findings as much as I enjoyed my own. I have completed numerous successful family searches and family tree compilations.

Are you trying to find answers to questions you don't know how to ask?

I have access to a substantial number of online resources to assist you with your family search and I invite you to contact me should you wish to begin your search or complete a current/old 'stalled' search.